Map of the East Midlands

About Empedia

Empedia helps people enjoy and explore the East Midlands’ rich culture and heritage. This growing collection of online maps, audio tours, video and interactive guides is available for you to access and play while you are out and about, via the Empedia website or iPhone App so that you get the most out of your visit. If you run a cultural organisation, Empedia offers an effective way for you to develop guides to help your site come alive and as the Empedia Player can be embedded in your website, the guide will be very easily accessible. The Empedia Platform is being developed by Cuttlefish Multimedia and is funded by Renaissance East Midlands.

D.H.Lawrence Country


  • Share on Social Networks
  • Embed guides on your own website
  • Create short web addresses and QR Codes
  • View trails in Google Earth
  • RSS Feed and Podcast support
  • iPhone Sync

Guide Authoring and Delivery Platform

Cuttlefish Multimedia are working with museums across the East Midlands to help create guides for Empedia. This activity is helping us to develop the necessary authoring tools and features for the public release later this year. Ultimately, museums will be able to upload content and manage their own guides.

Empedia can be used to deliver interactive content for venues, attractions and exhibitions. Empedia supports text, images, audio and video and provides simple mapping tools for creating location and trail content, what we term 'locative content'.

Pop-over Player

Empedia is suitable for cultural trails in towns, cities or remote rural locations and for exhibition guides indoors or out

Empedia really comes into its own when using the free Empedia iPhone App. The website and iPhone App are fully integrated so that Guides created on Empedia are automatically published to the iPhone App. Essentially this means that museums and organisations can publish to iPhones in just one click!

Empedia works on PC, Mac and is optimised for iPad displays. Mobile content can be viewed on iPhone or iPod Touch and there are plans for Android support later this year.


Empedia is being developed by Cuttlefish Multimedia Ltd with financial support from the MLA's Renaissance East Midlands initiative. Cuttlefish has also been working with De Montfort University who have supported the project through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme. We also need to thank all of the museums and other content providers who continue to support the Empedia project.