Empedia Mobile Player

Empedia Mobile Player

You can browse Empedia using your desktop computer, laptop or iPad but it really comes alive when used on a mobile device such as an iPhone.

Empedia Mobile Player for iPhone allows you to have your cultural guides with you wherever you might be.

Empedia Mobile Player for iPhone makes it easy to update guides and download new ones that you can carry around in your pocket. It's fully synchronised with the desktop version and has a few extra features besides, which take full advantage of the iPhone mobile platform.

Play Whenever You Like, Wherever You Like...

No signal? - No problem!

Pre-load content for selected guides via WiFi connection for enhanced playback even in remote locations where mobile signals are poor or non-existent. You can listen to audio, play video, view maps and pictures, whenever you like, wherever you like.

QR Code

Built-in QR Code Reader - Delivers Content Right On Cue!

Use the built in QR Code scanner to activate information about your location, exhibits and the things around you. QR Codes printed from the desktop version of Empedia add a new dimension to signage, interpretation boards, exhibition panels and leaflets.

You can access the QR Scanner from just about anywhere within the Mobile Player; simply click the icon in the lower left hand corner swipe the QR-code with the built-in camera and pre-loaded media resources such as audio and video will begin to play instantly, like magic, right on-cue!

Locative Media in an Easy-to-use Package

Empedia guides can be displayed in 'map view' or 'list view' in landscape or portrait mode and you can see at a glance which guides are preloaded, partially loaded or will play directly over the mobile or Wifi network.

Media resources can be activated manually, triggered with QR codes or activated automatically in response to GPS location. It's also possible to activate more than one media resource at a time, providing interesting creative possibilities for multi-track audio presentation. You can even find directions to your selected cultural attractions using the built-in Google Map function (requires 3G network).


Empedia Mobile Player for iPhone is compatible with iPhone G3, G4, iPod Touch and it's available as a free download. Empedia Mobile Player for iPhone can be installed on iPad, however the desktop version is optimised for iPad display, so you can actually choose between the two versions.

Future developments

The Cuttlefish team have further iPhone developments planned and we expect an Empedia Mobile Player for Android Phones to be available later this year. Make sure you join our Twitter feed and Facebook page for news of our beta test program and exciting software releases.